Secure Aluminum Ramps and Steps for Hurricane

A hurricane anchor and strap are the most reliable way to keep any outdoor aluminum ramps, steps, or canopies secure.

If the product is made and installed by Upside Innovations on concrete, the product should withstand winds from a category 5 hurricane. On concrete, we always install ramps and steps using 3/8” wedge anchors, and canopies are secured with 5/8” wedge anchors. The brand we use is Red Head. If the product is installed on asphalt, we may or may not have used wedge anchors depending on customer preference.If wedge anchors were not used, here are options to secure the product:

  • Red Head hurricane anchor
    • Drill a hole with a diameter equal to the nominal anchor hole at least 1/4” deeper than nominal anchor embedment; align the holes with the holes in the ramp, step, or canopy footplates.
    • Clean out the hole with pressurized air or a vacuum.
    • Hammer the hurricane anchor into the hole, but make sure to not hammer the nut as it will ruin the threads.
    • Instructions from Red Head.

  • BoltHold asphalt anchors
    • Drill a hole in the asphalt that is equal to the diameter of the anchor; make sure the holes in the asphalt align with the holes in the footplates.
    • Fill the hole with grout.
    • Push in the hurricane anchor.
    • More detailed installation instructions at Asphalt Anchors Corp.

  • Cross drive hurricane anchor
    • Drill a 5/8” hole 5.5” deep and on a 90° angle on the center of the anchor location for the pilot stud.
    • Drill (2) 3/4” holes at 45° angles using the anchor head as a location guide.
    • Place the rod through the top of (1) square tube and into the hole.
    • To achieve minimum allowable pullout resistance, drive the rod at least 24” into the surface.
    • Place the second rod through the other tube.
    • The distance from the square tubing to the ground surface should not exceed 1”.
    • Use the strap to wrap around the cross-bracing of the ramp or step; secure the strap with the bolts and nuts at the top of the anchor.

If the product is resting on soil: you can secure it by using an earth auger anchor.

  • Earth auger anchor
    • Use a metal rod through the eye of the anchor to drive it into the ground.
    • Wrap the strap around the cross-bracing of the ramp or step, and loop through the eye of the anchor.

Still don’t know which product is best? Give us a call.