First Aid Building Wheelchair Ramp

ADA-Compliant Wheelchair Ramp Installation – Hershey Park First Aid Building

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Upside Innovations had the opportunity to enhance accessibility at Hershey Park, Pennsylvania, with the installation of an ADA-compliant wheelchair ramp at their first aid building. This installation remains a significant example of our commitment to creating inclusive and durable solutions in public spaces.

First Aid Building Wheelchair Ramp
ADA-Compliant Wheelchair Ramp Enhances Accessibility at Hershey Park First Aid Building

The Challenge: Combining Durability with Accessibility

Located near a popular waterpark feature, the first aid building needed an access solution that could withstand the humid and wet conditions typical of such environments. The main concern was ensuring the ramp would resist rust and corrosion over time, maintaining its integrity and safety.

The Solution: A Rust-Resistant Ramp for High-Traffic Areas

Working in collaboration with Modular Genius, Inc., we provided a prefabricated aluminum ramp system specifically designed to meet these challenges. Our choice of materials and construction ensured that the ramp would remain durable and safe, even in the moisture-rich environment of the waterpark area.

Integration with Modular Construction

Modular Genius constructed a 700 sq ft modular building, incorporating features like epoxy resin flooring and fiberglass-reinforced plastic walls to withstand regular cleaning and heavy use. Our wheelchair ramp seamlessly complemented this structure, providing an essential accessibility feature that aligns with the park’s inclusive values.

Lasting Impact and Enhanced Accessibility

The completion of this project, which took only 120 days from award to occupancy, marked a significant improvement in the park’s accessibility near the waterpark area. Years later, the ramp continues to serve as a testament to our commitment to providing long-lasting, compliant access solutions in demanding environments.

The wheelchair ramp installation at Hershey Park’s first aid station near the waterpark feature exemplifies Upside Innovations’ expertise in delivering ADA-compliant solutions that are not only functional but also resilient in the face of environmental challenges. It stands as an enduring symbol of our dedication to enhancing safety and accessibility in public facilities.