Adjustable Steps for Modular Offices

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Modular buildings and trailers are often used as temporary, portable offices on construction sites, and to access the offices, companies commonly use OSHA-compliant steps that attach to the building. Because each job site has different elevations and step height requirements, it is often frustrating when the steps cannot be transported and reused along with the building at another job site. To solve this problem, Upside Innovations has perfected the design and application of fully adjustable and portable OSHA steps for modular building access.

What is the OMNI Step?

The aluminum “OMNI” steps are compliant with OSHA regulations, can be adjusted to any height within the specified range, and are available for single-story applications or multi-story applications. There are products on the market that offer a two-height system where the steps can be placed, for example, at either 28” OR 35”, but Upside’s OMNI step can be placed at those heights or any height in between. There are other sizes available as well.

Aluminum is lightweight which means that transportation is easy, and Upside has kept the installation and de-installation process short and simple; the OMNI step system assembly and installation guide features 5 easy-to-follow steps. The OMNI step can be disassembled, transported, and reassembled each time that you change sites even though the floor heights may be different.

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Adjustable between 35" and 44". Other sizes available.

How Does it Work?

First floor access:

Second floor access:

Finally, an OSHA compliant step that likes to flex!

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