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Adjustable Omni-Steps for Multi-Story Access

Flexible and Always OSHA Compliant

What is a Second Story Omni-Step?

An Omni-Step is an adjustable step that has a range of motion between two outer limits. For example, our 8.5′ – 10.5′ Omni-Step can meet an 8.5′ floor height, 10.5′ floor height, or any height in between. The fully OSHA compliant product has pivoting step risers, and the individual step heights grow or shrink equally as the steps are raised or lowered. This product is perfect for multi-story modular offices that need OSHA compliant access. Don’t let uneven terrain on your job site compromise your OSHA compliance.


If you need steps that can be reused for different job sites, then the Omni-step is the right choice. You won’t have to worry about purchasing a product that can be used at only one location. Setting up the OSHA Omni-step is as easy as leveling the platform at the threshold, attaching the step riser to the platform and letting the step pivot down to contact the ground.

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Second Story Omni-Step Features:

  • Completely adjustable between specified range
  • Compact design for decreased shipping expense
  • Fully OSHA Compliant.  No longer worry about that last step to grade that is bigger than the other steps!
  • High strength aluminum construction
  • Drain holes in all legs to prevent ice damage
  • Thick, extruded walking surface prevents bowing
Second Story OSHA Adjustable Steps


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