Entry Stairs for Police Drug Task Force Modular Office

Police Modular Office Entry Stairs

Entry Stairs for County Police Drug Task Force Modular Office

The County Police Drug Task Force in Queen Anne’s County, MD, required a rapid setup of a field office to serve as a headquarters in a critical area of the county. Modular Genius installed this 1,440 sq ft modular field office complex with Upside's IBC compliant entry stair system. Our APEX entry stair system, known for its industrial-grade aluminum components and prefabricated design, was an ideal choice for this application. The stairs were quickly assembled and installed, demonstrating our commitment to quality and efficiency.

Impact and Benefits

  • Speed and Efficiency: The stair system was installed rapidly, aligning with the project's tight timeline.
  • Durability and Safety: The high-quality, sturdy construction of the stairs ensured a safe and long-lasting solution.
  • Seamless Integration: The stairs complemented the modular building, providing a cohesive and functional design.

This project showcases Upside Innovations' ability to deliver high-quality, efficient stair solutions for time-sensitive and critical applications. Our collaboration with Modular Genius demonstrates our commitment to supporting essential services with reliable and swift infrastructure solutions.

Entry Stairs

Upside Innovations offers entry stair and ramp solutions for entryways. Made from prefabricated steel, you can rest assured knowing the APEX entry stairs and ramps won't rust or warp.

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