Remove a few headaches

Professionally designed and manufactured aluminum access systems


You have enough to worry about on a large construction project, so let Upside Innovations remove those worries about compliant access.  Upside designs, manufactures and installs our aluminum ramps, steps and canopy systems all over the United States.  Let us handle your next project.

ADA / IBC Compliant Aluminum Ramps

Simple, Worry-free, compliant access

Be proud of your entire project

Use the best system available to provide handicap access for your latest projects.  We recognize that there are many options available for your ramp needs, and we hope that you look closely at those options.  Upside is confident that you will end up agreeing that we have the best looking, strongest access system to help you finish off your project.  Walking up our ramps will give your building occupants the confidence that the product will last for years to come.  We do this by using thicker aluminum extrusions than our competitors and by designing our products with the knowledge that an exterior ramp is often the first impression when entering a building.  Make sure that you match your quality with ours.

Installation options

Our ramps are so easy to install, we do it ourselves.  Of course, if you want to install our products you will find the simplest, most intuitive ramp system to install.  Reference our installation instructions, watch our on-line training videos, or just call in and talk to one of our sales personnel or engineers, we have all installed them and are more than happy to guide you through the process.

We’ve got your back

We plan on every job going perfectly, but we also understand the reality of working in the construction industry.  We know that despite all of the planning, pictures and pre-measurements there are unforeseen issues that arise when bringing a prefabricated aluminum ramp system to a construction site.  Rest assured that the Upside Team is ready for this and can quickly modify our product configuration to make sure that the final installation fits perfectly.

We will work with you to determine the best course of action when those issues do arise and quickly make it happen so you aren’t left with a half finished installation waiting weeks for new product to arise.  This is the environment we work in and we therefore have processes in place to quickly adapt.

ADA Compliant Aluminum Step Systems

Compliant to the very last detail

The right step, every time

Whether you are looking for a dock high step for the back of a warehouse, or an exterior step on a brick and mortar construction project, or you are working with modular construction and need access steps, Upside has the right product for you.  We manufacture our prefabricated aluminum steps with 6”, 6-1/2”, or 7” rises which allow us to make nineteen different standard step risers between 12” and 60”.  It’s exactly what your project needs.

The perfect platform

Take a closer look at our platforms.  What you will see is a strong, 5” tall platform edge that is identical on all sides, no protruding hooks, no exposed decking, just a nice flat piece of aluminum to attach to.  This simple design feature allows us to connect our platform in any orientation to virtually any flat surface you can present below your door or walking surface.  Whether we need to connect to an existing wood deck, a concrete pad or step, metal construction or traditional modular construction our platform edge gives us the space to make a direct connection to your building.

Aluminum Canopies and Walkway Covers

Finish off your project

When a little extra cover is needed

When you need a simple canopy or walkway cover for your project, ask how Upside can help.  Our all aluminum canopy and walkway system includes 4” x 6” structural gutter systems that will collect rain and divert it through our draining posts.  With our system, you can choose from a few types of decking and we can have the posts and gutter system powder coated in a variety of colors.

Multi-Story Access Stairs

Aluminum exit stairs

Tackling the toughest jobs

When you have those challenging projects and don’t know how to handle them, give Upside a call.  We are ready to design and install your access systems for your next multi-level project.  Whether you are looking for an emergency fire escape or an ADA / IBC compliant stair tower, Upside is ready with an all aluminum solution that will never rust.

Start to finish project management

Lean on Upside’s sales and engineering team to manage your multi-level access needs from the design stages through installation.  Our team is used to handling these challenging projects and thrives on them.  Whether you have a straightforward OSHA compliant straight step or a 45′ tall multi-switchback stair tower, Upside has the experience and expertise to handle it.  Call us now to speak with one of our team members about your next project.

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