Adjustable Steps for Modular Offices

Modular buildings and trailers are often used as temporary, portable offices on construction sites. As you know, the ground levels change from site to site, and it can be hard to find portable OSHA steps for modulars and trailers. We have designed the Omni Step, a fully adjustable stair system that is portable so that it can be reused as you move the trailer.

What is the Omni Step?

Our portable Omni Stairs comply with OSHA regulations and can be adjusted to any height within the specified range. We offer single-story modular office stairssecond-story modular office stairs, or stairs for mobile office trailers.

Why is it the best option?

Aluminum is lightweight, so transportation is easy, and we designed the stair system for fast and simple installation and de-installation. It typically takes less than 10 minutes to install or de-install the stair system.

The entire stair system is easy to clean and adjustable to meet ANY height within the range and keep equal riser heights. Other stairs on the market offer an adjustable bottom step tread, which is not OSHA-compliant. Can you imagine walking down a set of stairs and having a larger gap on the last step at the bottom?

What are the sizes?

The Omni Step has the following ranges:

21″- 26″
28″- 35″
35″- 44″
42″- 52″
102″- 126″

View our OSHA step specifications.

portable mobile office stairs

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