World’s Tallest Modular Building

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What is a modular building?

A modular building is constructed and pre-assembled off-site, and the various sections, or modules, are later delivered to the project site to be stacked on top of or placed next to each other. The pre-assembly allows for shorter construction periods and helps save money on materials and construction worker wages. Since modular building construction is less expensive than the traditional construction, it is gaining momentum and becoming a strong market.

Example of Modular Construction

Portrayal of modular building construction.

The world's tallest modular building:

Dean 461 is the world’s tallest modular building. It is 32 stories tall and is in Brooklyn, New York adjacent to the Barclays Center. 90% of the 461 Dean Tower was constructed off-site and transported to the building site where cranes hoisted the prefabricated rooms to fit and lock together like puzzle pieces. It is a newly constructed 363-unit residential tower that consists of a total of 930 modular sections including hallways, living spaces, common areas, and terraces. Each section was constructed at the Brooklyn Navy Yard and shipped to the site for assembly which allowed the company to save roughly 20% on construction costs.

The apartment building offers 23 different layouts to choose from, including studios, one-bedroom apartments and two-bedroom apartments. It is not cheap to live at Dean 461; the studios start at $2,450, one-bedrooms at $3,125 and two-bedrooms at $4,750 per month. However, the high rent might be worth it because it looks like a beautiful place to live:

Dean 461 Exterior

Exterior view of modules that are stacked to form the world's tallest modular building.

This picture clearly shows each module and how they are stacked one on top of the other.


Kitchen module of Dean 461

In this one-bedroom apartment, the kitchen is open and leads into the living room.

Living Room

Living room module of Dean 461

The living features ceiling-high windows that gives the room a more spacious feel.


Hallway module of Dean 461

From the kitchen and living room area, the hallway leads to the bedroom.

View From Living Room

View of Brooklyn, NY from living room module

The view from Dean 461 is spectacular. From some rooms, you can overlook the Barclay Center.

What Else?

Not only is the residential tower leading the way in the modular building industry, but it is also involved in a housing lottery that provides housing to middle and low-income tenants. Nearly 50% of the 363 units are reserved for the lottery winners. They can live in the studios or apartments for a fraction of the cost. The rent is determined by the tenant’s income and the number of units available, so a studio for a lottery winner can range from $559 per month to $1,996 per month. Check out Dean 461’s website for 360° views of the interior rooms and lobby.

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