What is a Wheelchair Ramp?

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When people will ask us for a ramp, our first question is always, “what do you need to transport up and down the ramp?”  We ask this because ramps can be used for many different applications, and we tailor the ramp for each type of use.  Wheelchair ramps, commercial handicap ramps, warehouse ramps, motorcycle or ATV ramps, threshold ramps, bike ramps and skateboard ramps are just a few of the types of ramps that we supply.

Manufacturing ramps is our specialty, and every ramp should have a few distinct features to ensure the user’s safety:

  • Sloped walking surface that has some sort of non-slip texture
  • Edge guards on the walking surface and platforms to keep a wheelchair wheel from slipping off the edge
  • Ramp and platform guardrails along with handrails that can be easily grasped
  • A flat handrail at the top and bottom, or a ramp run that either loops back to the guardrail, loops down to the ground or turns to the wall
  • A resting platform if the ramp run is greater than 30 feet on a standard slope ramp
  • A 5-foot clear turning radius on any platform so that a wheelchair can turn

Each of these features also has specific codes that must be met such as load requirements, guardrail heights, coefficient of friction on walking surfaces, etc. Upside Innovations is a qualified manufacturer and supplier of aluminum wheelchair ramps and guarantees product safety and compliance.

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