Shipping Process

At Upside Innovations, we want to ensure that you receive your product(s) on time to meet your project deadline. To specialize the shipping process to your needs, we will determine when and where you need the product(s) shipped along with the most cost effective type of freight.


  • Shipping address if it differs from the business address
  • Name and phone number of the person onsite who is responsible for unloading the material


  • FedEx
    • FTL (Full Truckload): one truck transports a full container of product for one customer
    • LTL (Less-Than-Truckload) means that the shipment does not completely fill an entire truck, and the truck transports goods from many different customers
  • Hot Shot
    • Specializes in express deliveries
    • Typically transports smaller-sized loads
  • Dedicated flatbeds
  • Upside’s internal box truck


  • If the product comes on a skid, you will most likely need a forklift or to use a loading dock to unload it. It is possible to unload the product by hand, but it is difficult.
  • Liftgate service is available upon request
  • Any product that has more than 18 feet worth of product will be shipped on a flatbed

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much height adjustment do your ramp legs have?

Each of our ramp legs provide 30” of adjustment.  They are manufactured with a series of drilled holes that when placed in the ramp pocket provides that adjustment.  Use the Under 30″ ramp legs when the ramp section is set less than 30″ from grade, use a 30″ – 60″ ramp leg when the ramp section is set between 30″ and 60″ from grade, and use a 60″ – 90″ ramp leg when the ramp section is set between 60″ and 90″ from grade.

How much height adjustment do your platform legs have?

Each of our platform legs is manufactured with a 9″ slot and therefore gives the installer to adjust the leg that amount.  So, when using a 30″ platform leg, that leg can be used to set the platform height anywhere between 25.5″ and 34.5″.  Nominal platform leg heights are available at every 6″ increment, so we just need to know an approximate height and can then provide you with the closest leg height.

How do I know what size my ramp or step needs to be?

Measuring for a ramp or step is absolutely critical to ensure that you will receive product that will fit perfectly with your site.  The key to measuring is to take a number of measurements at the door where the access is needed and to take a measurement from the ground where you believe the step or ramp will meet the ground to the intersecting height of the threshold.  We have created a document that you can print and use to help guide you through this process.  When in doubt, take lots of pictures, email them to one of our sales representatives and give us a call while you are on the site where the steps are needed.


Do you provide installation?

Our ADA Ramps and Steps, Canopies or Stair Towers can be installed by certified Upside installers.  Each installation goes through a white-glove inspection to ensure complete compliance.  We typically do not install our OSHA steps as each step only takes five to ten minutes to install and can be done by our customer on site.

For those who are mechanically inclined, our customers have access to our installation manual.

What do I need to receive your product?

Most of our product that we do not install is shipped on a 5′ or a 10′ skid.  A forklift, lull, or loading dock is recommended.  There are instances where our customers will hand unload a pallet, but the freight companies could charge extra if not completed within a reasonable amount of time.

Do you offer financing?

In general, orders above $5,000 can be financed upon credit approval.  New customers who are ordering less than $5,000 are expected to provide payment prior to shipment of material.  This can be done by check or through all major credit cards.  For those customers who will be purchasing for a larger project or will be making multiple purchases, you can print a copy of our credit application here and email a copy to your sales representative or fax a copy to 513-672-2124.

Do you lease your products?

Upside will lease our standard ADA/IBC Compliant Ramps and Steps for your shorter-term jobs.  We typically recommend that if the job is going to be longer than 2 years, it makes more sense to purchase the product rather than lease it.

We do not offer leases on our OSHA style steps, Canopies or Stair Towers.

What is your lead-time?

We take your target date into consideration when setting up an order to process through our shop.  In general, our lead-time is about 2-3 weeks for standard products, sometimes quicker if we have the product on the shelf, and sometimes longer if we have experienced a high volume of orders.  For custom product, we typically can deliver in 4-6 weeks.  The longer lead-time on custom projects allows our engineers to design the system and send review drawings to our customers so we can make sure we deliver the perfect product.

I have an obstacle in the way (i.e. down spout, pole, tree). How will my ramp avoid it?

When you believe that there will be an obstruction for your product, we typically ask for you to provide us with a picture of the site or a sketch showing the dimensions and location of the obstacle relative to the door / building.  If it is an easy obstacle to relocate or remove, that can sometimes be the easiest solution.  If relocating or removing the obstacle is not possible, then we may need to use a larger platform, adjust the layout or use a custom access system to avoid the obstruction.

Do I have to pour footings for the ramps or stairs?

Footers are not mandatory when installing a ramp, but anchoring ramp and platform footplates to a concrete slab or footers will provide full structural integrity of the system.  When not installing our ADA products on concrete, other acceptable surfaces include asphalt, concrete pavers or ABS pads.

OSHA steps are typically installed on grade and are acceptable just that way.

When installing our Canopy system, footers or a concrete pad is required to make sure that the system can withstand the wind loads that are required.  Our engineering team will specify the concrete work as needed for the canopy system.

We also require that our stair towers be installed on concrete footers.  With the larger structure, there are larger wind loads and point loads that the footplates will be required to hold.

How accurate do height measurements need to be?

Step risers are the most height critical assembly.  We typically recommend that the height is within an inch.  As the step gets a little taller, there is a little more play in the step, but we try to keep them pretty close so the step guardrails appear vertical when installed instead of leaning back or forward.

ADA Platform legs have 9″ of total adjustment and ramp legs have 30″ of height adjustment.  As the height at the end of a ramp changes, the ramp will need to get larger or smaller to maintain a 1:12 pitch.  When the ramp needs to get larger, there will be a change in cost with the additional material.

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