Architects Redefining the Term “Mobile Home”

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An Estonian architecture firm called Kodasema created a prefabricated mini-house named KODA that is redefining the term “mobile home”. The term often elicits thoughts of a small, confined home located in a park with dozens of other mobile homes, but KODA is portable, two stories, has an open floor plan, and encourages healthy living along with a connection to the surrounding environment.

The house is constructed using factory-made components and can be assembled on-site without foundations in less than an estimated 7 hours. The prefabricated house was designed so that residents could disassemble, transport, and reassemble the home for easy relocation. Kodasema says, “much of our quality of life depends on both our home and its location meeting our needs”. The ability to freely change environments is becoming an increasingly important part of life and our happiness as humans, and Kodasema is capturing this new way of living and personifying it as “KODA”.  Kodasema reinforces the idea by saying, “KODA can become whatever you want – a city-center home, a lakeside summer house, a cozy café, an office, workshop or studio, or even a classroom.” It can transform to meet the residents’ specific needs.

The 269 sq ft. space resembles a loft-style apartment that features an open living space with a mezzanine bedroom above that is accessible via latter. The small lounge area is located towards the front of the space while the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom are towards the back for maximized privacy. A long, full-length curtain can cover the entire glass front for even more privacy. Because the area is small and every inch of space must be utilized, there are built-in components that can be adjusted for the owners’ needs.  

KODA can generate and conserve its own energy for short periods of time in remote settings, but should be connected to a suitable water source, sewage, and electricity for the majority of the time. The quadruple-glazed and vacuum-insulated façade maximizes natural light while also preventing heat loss. There are roof-mounted solar panels that are intended to return more power to the grid than the building uses. KODA is a green home that lets the residents connect with any environment they choose. 

Koda plan views:

Visit Kodasema’s website for more information. Photos from De Visu and Paul Kuimet.

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