Aluminum Ramps and Steps Installed in Massachusetts

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One of our recent projects was for L&H Construction which is a general contracting company located in Massachusetts. The company worked on a housing community in Malden, Massachusetts called the Malden Housing Authority. The community consists of 250 townhouse-style housing units, and it needed to have switchback ADA ramps installed on certain units for people in wheelchairs. Additional housing units needed to have ADA steps installed because the existing concrete steps were cracked and uneven. L&H Construction asked us to design and manufacture switchback aluminum ramps and aluminum stairs to give the residents access to their houses. In total, we produced 9 modular ramps that amounted to 296 feet of ramp and 18 sets of stairs. We were happy to work with L&H Construction on this project, and the owner of the company stated that the “installers were absolutely wonderful, and there were no snags in installing your product.” View our ramp drawings and step drawings that we typically use for this type of application.


Unit A

Unit B

Unit C

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