ADA Modular Aluminum Wheelchair Ramps.

  • ADA Compliant
  • Commercial/Industrial Grade
  • Custom made for custom requirements
  • Prefabricated/modular design
  • Nationwide Installation

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| Product Details

  • 100% Aluminum
  • Internal ramp handrails & guardrails
  • Platforms & landings
  • Platform guardrails
  • Adjustable ramp legs & platform legs for tricky ground elevations
  • Continuous extruded slip resistant decking with flush connections
Measurements & Specifications
  • Our products can be installed by either certified Upside installers or contractors in your area. Each installation goes through a thorough inspection to ensure complete compliance.
  • Customers who have mechanical skills may be able to install the product without a hired installer. Below is our installation manual.
  • Ramp And Step Assembly Instructions Click to learn more
  • All our ramps are manufactured according to the american disability act code , which make it 100% ADA compliant.
  • Compliance Guide – Visit
Building Type
  • Modular Buildings
  • Public Buildings (schools, churches, libraries, parks)
  • Commercial & Retail Properties
  • Medical Facilities
  • Distribution & warehouse centers
  • Freight (trains, trailers)
  • Sports Facilities

Our compliant aluminum ADA wheelchair ramps are designed, manufactured, and installed to fit your custom job. We work with you, from start to finish on your toughest layouts, making sure our access solutions are customized to reach the correct height and exact configuration.

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